Skyy and I

My name is Krystal Thomas, I am 33 years old and live in the best city in the world: Key West, Florida.  I have an amazing husky named Skyy (pictured above); she’s proved to be the perfect sidekick for my adventures and I’m so thankful that she came back into my life.  The years 2013 changed my life forever; I moved back to Key West from my home state of Maryland (for the 8th, and hopefully final time) and I lost my youngest sister Ashlee to cancer.  Both of those events helped to shape the life I live and know now: happy, inspired, soulful, fun, creative, loving, and ridiculously amazing.

I work full time as a real estate agent with Preferred Properties and love what I do.

This is a blog about stumbling upon happiness in everyday situations and how to live your best life and be your best self.  It’s also filled with my quirky stories and excessive hashtags, both of which I love.

Instagram   #shovelingsunshine    #livewhereyouvacation    #bestlifeever

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