Final Thoughts on 2016

2016, was it really that bad?

It’s that time of year, when my news feed is flooded with everyone ranting about how much the year sucked.  I just saw a meme the other day that said “Don’t blame 2016, your life sucked last year too” and it made me laugh out loud.

It made me laugh because it’s the truth.  When you stop and think about it, isn’t it typically the same people every year talking trash about how much the year sucked.  Over the past year I’ve done my best to weed these people out of my social media realm but they still sneak in there every once in a while.  (Side Note:  Can you imagine what their TimeHop looks like?  #DebbieDowner!)


I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Where attention goes energy flows.  If you are spending the last days/ week of the year focusing on all of the shitty things that have happened you are going to manifest a shitty year.  BUT!  If you focus on all of the awesome things that have happened over the year you will manifest an awesome year.

Even if you had the shittiest, most f’ed up year you can find one good thing to focus on.  If you need help check out this video and remember that Panda Bears are no longer endangered.

If you’re still having trouble then try this:  2016 = 1 year.  Break that year down into 12 months, then break those twelve months down into days.  Somewhere, over the past 365 days something good has happened in the world.  It may not have been to you personally but it has happened.  Find that good thing and focus on it.  Break the days down into hours if you have to.  And then the hours into minutes.  You can find one minute of happiness in a year.  And when you do, obsess over it.  It will manifest and grow.


And then you will start thinking about all of the other good things that have happened and before you know it you will just be walking around talking about how you’re gonna make 2017 your bitch.

For me 2016 has been great.  Just like any other year it’s had its ups and downs.  I’ve lost family members, and gained new ones.  Some of my best friends got engaged, others got married.  Some had babies, others made babies and are still cooking them for 2017 debut.  I traveled to new places and met new faces.  I cried a lot, laughed even more, and loved even harder than I thought I could.

So today, on this last day of 2016.  I challenge you to find a minute of happiness to focus on.  That minute will multiply, I promise.

I look forward to seeing all of the successes and awesomeness that 2017 has in store.  Happiest New Year!  Cheers!


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  1. Krystal, as always, this was a beautiful blog! You are awe inspiring for so many and I am proud to call you my niece! I love you so much and wish all of the best to you for a beautiful and happy New Year!! Aunt Nan, xoxo

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