Everyday is Friday!

Raise your hand if you feel like every day is Friday!  I’m raising both hands, one because I am living my dream and I do feel like every day is Friday here in The Keys, and the other because I honestly have no freaking clue where my weeks go.  I mean, I could tell you by looking at my iCal what I’ve done over the past week, month, year, etc., but time is going by so fast.  Where does my work week go?  Where do my weekends go?  Where are my beloved Super Soul Sundays?!  Every day is Friday…


They say when you ask the Universe for something you should be ready to receive it.  First, I’m going to tell you about the past year I’ve had (since I’ve only written four (4!!!) blog posts in the past calendar year we have some catching up to do!) because it’s pretty amazing and while I know that it wasn’t just one thing that made everything come together, there was one tool I used that changed my life and sent me on the craziest ride of my life (so far)… The Map.


I should start by saying I have anxiety.  Bad.  Like really bad.  Like to the point that it physically effects me.  So last June I went to my doctor and long story short she told me that she could put me on some meds to take the edge off.  We talked a little about spirituality and  I left the doctors office with a prescription for an anti-depressant and a book recommendation for The Map.  I filled the scrip and ordered the book on Amazon.  Two months after starting the meds I stopped taking them but I still kept reading the Map and doing the work.  And I do mean work.  And then #BOOM. It starts happening.

Probably a coincidence right?  I read a book, did some soul searching and then like a magic dream start coming true?  No, it’s not a coincidence.  Its intentional.  Because I stated my intentions with a smile every morning to myself in the mirror and made myself and the Universe listen.

I have made some wonderful new friendships, not only personally but professionally as well; met the man of my dreams (#Edwinning),  sold almost $7million in real estate in 2016 and became debt free, and hope to purchase my first home by the end of the year.  I attribute it to The Map.   Everyone should read this book.  What’ve you got to lose?

The Map is a book about the law of attraction and how the Universe will respond to your desires.  It teaches you how to have an attitude of abundance instead of lack.  Think about it… if you only focus on what you don’t have how are you going to bring what you want into your life?  You are focusing on the lack rather than the abundance.  Want to get out of debt, start being grateful for the pennies you find on the streets and the pennies will turn into dollars.

So in closing, every day is Friday for me because I’m so damn busy living my dream, and you should be too.  Cheers!


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