Celebrate Everything- September Edition

I know, I know, you just couldn’t get enough of my August celebration post so like most awesome things in Key West I’ve decided to extend it through the month of September as well!  Lot’s of reasons to celebrate this month!

September 1- Calendar Adjustment Day
aka:  The Official Start of Pumpkin Spice errrrrrythang!  
Check out the September Inspiration I got yesterday when turning over a new page on my calendar…
September 2- V-J Day
September 3-  Skyscraper Day
September 4-  Bring Your Manners To Work Day
Wait, shouldn’t this be every day?
September 5-  World Beard Day
I’m more of a five’ o’clock shadow fan myself but beard lovers and growers rejoice!
September 6-  Read A Book Day
Might I suggest The Mermaid and the Crocodile, written by Miss Edee Fallon, one of my best gers and favorite friends!
September 7-  Buy A Book Day
See above.
September 8- World Physical Therapy Day
Shout out to two of my favorite Physical Therapists:  Dr. Jamie Hadaway and Dr. Courtney Miller.
September 9-  Wonderful Wierdos Day
September 10-  Swap Ideas Day
September 11-  Patriot Day
September 12-  Chocolate Milkshake Day/ Video Game Day
If I were you I would drink a chocolate milkshake while playing a video game.

September 13, 2015 

Whoa!  This is definitely my favorite day of the month.  Look at all the awesome things to celebrate!

Fortune Cookie Day

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from a fortune cookie?

Mine is this:


I can’t make this shit up. Seriously.

Hug Your Hound Day


Positive Thinking Day (#PPT)

Grandparents Day 

Check out this post I wrote a little while back about my grandmother’s giggle.  Always makes my day!

Peanut Day


What I wouldn’t give for some boiled peanuts! Preferrably from some sketch ass roadside stand in the middle of I-10.

Roald Dahl Day


My absolute favorite Roald Dahl quote!

September 14-  Eat A Hoagie Day
September 15-  International Dot Day
Break out the polka dots!
September 16-  Guacamole Day

September 17-  International Country Music Day
September 18-  Cheeseburger Day

photo (2)
September 19-  Coastal Clean Up Day/ Gymnastics Day/ Talk Like A Pirate Day
Jess & Shannon, you should probably schedule a Crossfit gymnastics class and make everyone talk like pirates.  Then everyone can join me for a coastal cleanup.  Location TBD.
September 20-  Wife Appreciation Day
September 21-  World Gratitude Day/ International Day of Peace
If you want to change your attitude, practice gratitude.
September 22-  Ice Cream Cone Day/ Dear Diary Day
I’ll probably write about how delicious my ice cream cone is in my diary.  I have  kept one since I was 12 after all.
September 23-  Checkers Day
Just for the record, this is one of the greatest movie quotes of all time.

September 24-  Punctuation Day
Again, shouldn’t this be every day?
September 25-  Hug A Vegetarian Day/ One Hit Wonder Day


Dear Marisa, please come home so I can hug you.  Then we can go celebrate Stevie B’s one hit wonder and dance to Spring Love at The Gecko.

September 26-  Love Note Day/ Lumberjack Day


Slip a love note in your lumberjack’s lunch. #manbuns

September 27-  Crush A Can Day



September 28-  Good Neighbor Day
I don’t quite have a plan for this one yet but I’ve got a month to figure out a nice gesture for my neighbs; and you should too!
September 29-  International Coffee Day/ World Heart Day
September 30-  International Mulled Cider Day


A Little September Inspiration

It’s the first day of September and you know what that means?!  Pumpkin Spice errrrrythang.  So to kick it off here are my 3 favorite pumpkin spice memes:



tampax pumpkin




As if that wasn’t motivating enough…

Every month my roommate Tracy changes my calendar for me.  Each month is inspiring, which is why I picked the calendar one rainy day in 2014 while I was perusing the Cracker Barrel gift store, but I can’t help but share September’s poem.

Untitled 2

Always Create Your Own Dreams and Live Your Life to the Fullest
Dreams can come true
if you take the time to
think about what you want in life
Get to know yourself
Find out who you are
Choose your goals carefully
Be honest with yourself
Find many interests and pursue them
Find out what is important to you
Find out what you are good at
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Work hard to achieve successes
When things are not going right
Don’t give up – just try harder
Find courage inside of you to remain strong
Give yourself freedom to try out new things
Don’t be so set in your ways that you can’t grow
Always act in an ethical way

Laugh and have a good time
Form relationships with people you respect
Treat others as you want them to treat you
Be honest with people
Accept the truth
Speak the truth
Open yourself up to love
Don’t be afraid to love
Remain close to your family
Take part in the beauty of nature
Be appreciative of all that you have
Help those less fortunate than you
Try to make other lives happy
Work toward peace in the world
Live life to the fullest
Create your own dreams
and your dreams will become a reality
~ Susan Polis Schutz