What I Know For Sure Part II

Some more beliefs to add to my collection…
(Missed part 1?  Catch up here:  What I Know For Sure)

1.  Always have champagne on hand, life is one endless celebration.
2.  Take time to quiet your mind.
3.  Exercise is important for both your physical and mental health.
4.  Talk to your grandparents as often as possible.
5.  Multitasking is so 2005.  It’s better to concentrate on one thing and do it well than to do 5 things half assed.
6.  Helping others makes you happy.
7.  Smiling is so much easier than frowning.
8.  So is letting go of grudges instead of holding them.
9.  The beach is the best church I’ve ever worshiped in.
10.  Mens back muscles are proof that God loves women and wants us to be happy.
11.  Sometimes the prettiest flowers grow in the biggest piles of shit.
12. Drink water out of stemmed glasses.  They just make everything feel more elegant.
13.  Keeping a journal is the best therapy.
14.  So is writing this blog.
15.  Beverly Hills 90210 is still the best TV show of all time.
16.  Closely followed by Broad City.
17.  Wanderlust is real.
18.  Dogs are woman’s best friend.  They are the epitome of love.
19.  Procrastination will get you nowhere.
20.  Laughter is the best medicine.
21.  You have to appreciate the little things before you can appreciate the big things.
22.  Keep going, no matter what.