***DISCLAIMER:  Before you read any further click play on the link below. You need some mood music to read this post!***

Ok, you may now proceed…

A few months ago I was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed and you know how these things go, one click leads to another, then another, and another… it’s never-ending.  Any who, SuperLoveTees, an account I follow had posted this pic and it caught my eye.  I also instantly fell in love with the hashtag #chalklovebomb.


So I clicked on the Instagram user @ladysadye and found this amazing account of brightly colored sidewalk chalk inspirational masterpieces!

I have been looking for a way to be creative and inspiring at the same time so I decided to start my own chalk project here in the Southernmost City:  The #KWCHALKPROJECT

A few weeks ago I ordered myself some Crayola sidewalk chalk and decided to drop my first #chalklovebomb in Key West.  I’m addicted.  Having this creative outlet has been a great way for Skyy and I got get out into the community, walk the different neighborhoods and sprinkle good vibes along the way.  Lately as we’ve been listening to Oldies Party Radio on Pandora as we stroll the hoods; it makes people smile and has been resulting in spontaneous dance parties along the way (how can you not dance to Boogie Shoes?!)

Check out some of the sunshine I’ve been shoveling lately…

IMG_0273     IMG_0596

IMG_0593     IMG_0597

IMG_0344     IMG_0303

IMG_0594                          IMG_0545

IMG_0398My hospice patient (I’m a volunteer) told me I was going to get arrested for vandalism.  I told her I was going to drop a chalk love bomb on her doorstep 🙂  Happy Super Soul Sunday!  Cheers to channeling your inner five year old and tagging sidewalks.