I Survived One Week of Crossfit. Kinda.

No, you are not hallucinating. I wrote that. Me, the person who has a love affair with hamburger helper survived a week of crossfit. Kinda. The reason I’m saying kinda is because it was a week of learning, 3 days of “foundations” which is learning how to do some moves and only one actual WOD (work out of the day).

I already know what you’re thinking, great, now this wonderful blog that I love reading so much is going to turn into a blog about another personal crossfit quest/ obsession. Because lets be honest, the number one rule of crossfit is to tell everyone about crossfit.
Gene Wilder- Crossfit
Well, that’s certainly not my intention. But what I do want to talk about is vulnerability. What does vulnerability have to do with crossfit you ask? Well for me, everything.

First of all its nerve-wracking as shit to walk into a gym in the first place. Let alone a crossfit gym where people throw around Olympic weighted barbells like its no big deal. Think trying to find where you are going to sit in the cafeteria on the first day of school nerve-wracking.
But I did it! Well actually we did it. I’m not in this alone, my girlfriends Edee and Kristin joined with me. Which brings me to another tip: I highly recommend joining with a friend or two. Not only does it give you a built in cheerleader but it takes the edge off knowing you have at least one other person who doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing.
Here are some of the actual questions and thoughts that came through my mind this week:

Hang Power What? How much does that dumbbell weigh? What in the hell is a Turkish Get Up? How am I sweating this profusely and we haven’t even gotten out of the warm up yet. I have to touch my knees to what? My elbows? Haha, good one. I wish my butt looked that good. I want my butt to look that good. God, that Dion’s fried chicken smells good.

Britney Spears Fried Chicken

Preach Britney. #preach

It was a week of craziness and I’m out of my comfort zone. I woke up craving fruit for breakfast, which never happens (I’m more of a country fried steak and grits kind of girl) and even managed to sneak in a salad or two for lunch. I don’t consider myself an athlete. I mean yeah, I played sports in high school but even then it was still more for the social scene than the scholarship possibilities. I had no idea if I would be able to finish a day of workouts let alone a week but I did.

Monday we learned some weight lifting moves. Tuesday we learned squats; some with weight, some without. Wednesday I was so sore that I had to hold onto the sink to lower myself onto the toilet in the morning but I made it to the gym that afternoon to finish up my last day of foundations and Friday I did my first official WOD.

Hang Power Clean

How I think I looked…

Ermaged Crossfit

How I actually looked…

One of my new years resolutions was to work on vulnerability.  That’s a large order to fill because I HATE feeling vulnerable.  There’s an amazing author and teacher named Brené Brown who has made a living exploring vulnerability and how it impacts one’s life.  One of my favorite quotes of her book Daring Greatly is “sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”  And I just have to say I’m proud of myself and my girls for showing up this week.´

Show Up Brene Brown


Happy Super Soul Sunday!  Cheers!

One thought on “I Survived One Week of Crossfit. Kinda.

  1. You must be Turkish…. Because you sure get up! 🙂 Thanks for the giggles. I’m proud of us too! Here’s to another week of vulnerability and kicking ass!!

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