Why Be Good, When You Can Be Awesome?

It’s a simple little question:  How are you?  And yet so many people answer it the same boring, grammatically incorrect way; “I’m good”.  BLAH!  In my opinion being good is so boring.  Who wants to be good?  Not me, I want to be awesome.  Wasn’t it René Descartes who said “I think therefore I am”?  If you insist René… I think I’m awesome, therefore I am awesome.


Here’s the other reason why you need to come up with something better than good:  we are constantly giving and receiving energy from the universe; and the energy you put out the universe is the energy you draw back into your life.  So why would you want to just put out good energy when you can can put out awesome energy.  Reap what you sow bitches!

Speaking of reaping what you sow… tomorrow starts a 21-day mediation challenge from Deepak Chopra.  They are guided mediations that are about 20 minutes long and a great way to begin or cultivate your mediation practice.  The theme of the meditation is Energy of Attraction:  Manifesting Your Best Life, go figure!

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