If you could open a fortune cookie that had the date you would die, would you?  That was a question I recently heard posed on the radio and it caught my attention immediately.  I personally would not, with my luck the date would be tomorrow and I would spend my last 24 hours an anxious mess rather than YOLOing like I should be.

Fortune Cookie

Over the last few weeks I’ve asked many of my friends this same question, surprisingly not ONE person has said yes, yet.  Of course the conversation never stopped with that question, the conversation developed and eventually lead to this next question; if you knew you were going to die, what would be the last movie you would want to watch?

Well, what would it be?

Mine would be Rudy.  I know I know, I actually surprised myself with that answer too; people who know me best were probably expecting me to say Grease, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, or Wizard of Oz (all of which are my top 5 favorite movies) but no, hands down it would be Rudy.

One of my favorite country artists, Eric Church, sings “funny how a melody, sounds like a memory…”; if you apply that concept to movies you’ll see why I picked Rudy.  For me Rudy is synonymous with fall, chilly sweater weather, my mom’s homemade soup on the stove top permeating the house with deliciousness, and lazy weekends.  Aside from the nostalgia it  invokes, I love it because its a story of a an underdog who works hard to make his dream come true while not sacrificing his morals and values along the way.  It’s a story of someone who showed up, every day, good or bad, and a reminder that success is not necessarily being the star player.  Plus, how awesome would it be to run into Heaven just like Rudy ran onto the Notre Dame football field?!

Chant along with me… RUDY!  RUDY!  RUDY!

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