Changing The World, One Blog Post At A Time

I cannot believe that I’ve just hit 2,800 views on Shoveling Sunshine.  To some, it may be small potatoes, but to me, it’s simply amazing.

Singers and musicians often say that the feeling that they get the when the crowd sings back a song that they wrote and sang from their heart-strings is indescribable.  It’s proof that someone, in their case thousands of people, are listening to what they are saying, thinking, and feeling.  I think I experienced that feeling, obviously on a much smaller scale, this past month.  People started coming up to me to tell me about something good that happened to them and it reminded them of myself and this little ol’ blog.  I even had a friend of mine use my blog as an example in a class she is taking, the subject:  Tell us about a real world philosopher you know personally.  How awesome is that?!

I really do consider it the highest compliment when someone actually gets something from my blog.  The fact that I, from my 20-square-foot kitchen, in Key West, am inspiring people to try new things, think different thoughts, and to be a just a little bit kinder is pretty damn cool.  I’ve always known I wasn’t completely alone in my thoughts but the fact that I actually have people from different states and countries (!) that “follow” my blog is solid proof that I’m not alone in my thoughts and ways of thinking.


Where the magic happens… excuse the mess, it’s been a crazy week.  And it’s only Wednesday!  Bah!

I’m a stickler for thank you notes but since I can’t send all the individual viewers thank you notes I figured a “Thank You” post was the next best thing.  So, thank you for taking the time to read and share my thoughts.  Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing.  And last but not certainly not least, thank you for being awesome.


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