The Best Thing Happened To Me Today!

The best thing happened to me today!  I was sitting at my desk, doing some research and listening to my some songs on my iTunes.  I wasn’t listening to a particular playlist, artist, or genre, I was just letting iTunes do it’s thing and randomly shuffle through my song list.  Like most of you reading, my iTunes library is pretty eclectic; everything from “explicit gangsta rap” to Italian opera so it was really no surprise when Britney Spears’ Christmas tune “My Only Wish This Year” started coming through my earbuds.

It was what came on next that made my heart happy and eyes brim with tears.  It was a voice memo of my grandmother laughing.  I remember making the recording when I was in Jacksonville visiting with her a few weeks ago but had forgotten that voice memos automatically download to my iTunes library when I sync/ back up my iPhone.

*I just paid $99 to “upgrade” this blog so I could upload this audio file.

One of the side effects of my sister Ashlee’s passing is that I’ve started to notice and appreciate all the little things in life.  Things I would have taken for granted 2 years ago.  I remember sitting at the table in my grandmother’s kitchen when I made that voice memo.  It was the second take, I couldn’t get the app to record in time for her first laughing fit.  I just remember thinking that I loved the moment and want to remember her laugh for the rest of my life.  Mission accomplished.

It really isn’t until someone is gone that you would think about how much you miss someones laugh.  It’s like a fingerprint, everyone’s is different and no one’s exactly alike. So the next time you’re in a laughing fit with one of your favorite people remember this post and capture the moment, if not with your iPhone at least with your mind.  You’ll be glad you did!


My Mom (#ohKath), Mom-Mom, Myself and Ashlee
Beverage of Choice: Orange Crush
Annual Christmas Girls Night Out 2010

My grandmother just turned 80 years old this year (still rocking her wedges) and is one of the most kind, loving, thoughtful, patient people I know; just being around her makes me have a smile on my face.  She’s an instant ego boost (as most grandparents are); every time I get a card from her it’s addressed to “My Beautiful Granddaughter” and every time I see her in person she tells me how fabulous I look, even when I know it’s a lie.  We both share a love for classic 80’s movies and can get down to the Bee Gee’s or Michael Jackson at the drop of a dime.  She loves Taco Bell and is a cheap date; 1 soft taco supreme and a senior coke, which comes to approximately $2.37.  We both like to gamble and have been members of The American Legion for over 30 years (yes, that’s a fact).  And to top it all off, she knows how to grill.


Grillin in front of Nacho Mama’s in Canton, MD
Annual Christmas Girls Night Out 2010

I really could go on and on about how awesome my Mom-Mom is but I don’t want to make you any more jealous than you already are.  Cheers to my Mom-Mom and thank you for brightening my day today!


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