Compliment 911!

Take 3 minutes and 28 seconds to watch this video, it will make you smile, and, if you are anything like me, probably cry (but a happy cry, not a sad cry):

Happy #SuperSoulSunday!  Sundays are my absolute favorite day of the week so I thought that I’d share with you one of my absolute FAVORITE websites, Soul Pancake.

The creators describe Soul Pancake as “Our brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor is designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good.”  To me, Soul Pancake is many things, including my daily source of inspiration.  I peruse the site daily and love the “feel good feeling” that it evokes within me.

Today my inspiration comes from one of the activities featured on Soul Pancake called Compliment 911!  The instructions were simple:

Soul Pancake Activity #92:  Compliment 911!

Step 1: Jot down a time you needed a compliment.
Step 2: Give yourself a compliment.
Step 3: Write down a compliment for someone else.
Step 4: Go fishing in the comments section for compliments 🙂

So naturally I did just that.  Here’s my response:

1.  Tuesdays.
2.  You make me smile and inspire.
3.  Thank you for being born, you make my world a better place.
4.  Gone Fishing!  (My favorite compliment I found was:  you are a great loving heart and sparkling snow and burning sun and a shade of a shed and you are your favourite Radiohead song and an overwhelming pool of cute little things)

Also while on SoulPancake this morning I stumbled, as I often do, upon the cutest website, Emergency Compliment.  It was the inspiration for the activity above and for my post today:


Compliment I received today courtesy of Emergency Compliment. Love!

You see there are two parts to a compliment.  Part 1 is giving compliment; part 2 is accepting the compliment.  So often we have trouble accepting compliments given to us by others and I don’t understand why. All it takes is a good old fashion ‘thank you’.   In hopes of starting a domino effect of compliment accepting I’ll start with accepting the compliment above (duh!); THANK YOU!

The bottom line is that compliments are good karma.  They make other people feel good about themselves and bring a smile to your face because you are making someone else happy.  Imagine if we could harness the power of compliments… talk about clean, renewable energy!


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