Any Day Can Be Day #1


So the other week I was giving some advice that I think is noteworthy and thought since it was a pretty eye opening conversation for me it would be a worth sharing.   In the front seat of my car and I was telling one of me dearest friends how awesome, amazing, beautiful, cool, and what a good dancer she is; and that any day can be day #1.  She countered with “can we start with 1/2 days?” (you know what they say, friends are a mirror of ourselves…)

On my drive home (approximately 1 mile, #bestlifeever), I started to think more and more about that conversation.  I had just told one of my best friends that you don’t have to wait for December 31st or move somewhere new to make life changes.  Just make a decision to make a change, no matter how small, and it will have a domino effect.  I started to think about how many day #1’s I’ve had over the years, I’m only 30 and it’s been A LOT.  It’s actually a running joke between a buddy of mine and myself, that along with the hashtag #youshouldseeyourlifesometimes.  But just like my man Churchill says, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” And let me tell you, I’m enthusiastic as shit about my future.  Like a fine wine, it seems to get better with my age.

I’m one of those people that insists on instituting life changes on Mondays.  I don’t know why but it just works for me.   I myself use the weekend to mentally prepare myself  and then when Monday comes around I’m ready to roll.  I roll out of bed with this January 1st, the world is my oyster attitude and hit the ground running.  Well, ok, that doesn’t happen all the time but it did last week and it felt pretty damn good.

I started last Monday off by trading in my cold brew coffee in for a berry (straw, rasp, blue, and black) and kale smoothie and ended the day with a run through old town with my pup Skyy.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t the easiest run I’ve ever had, Skyy and I were both pretty winded but hey, it was only day 1!  I’ll spare you the boring details but the bottom line is that I kept up that routine 4 out of 7 days.  And!  Only 1 of the other 3 days ended with Hamburger Helper.  Not bad, not bad at all.

photo (3)
Day #3 #RunForJaime

My productivity took a slight hiatus when the weekend hit.  Those sneaky weekends get me every time.  Fireball Friday resulted in Sobriety Saturday because of my hangover, but it was worth it.  Totally worth it.

Yesterday was my Super Soul Sunday; I washed my car, took my dog for a few long walks and a bacon wrapped hot dog from Five Guys and even managed to hit up the pool for an hour or two of QT with my Kindle.  I caught up on laundry spent a few hours over at my friends house sipping on vodka lemonades and playing a few friendly games of SkipBo. Needless to say today is my day #1, again.

I guess the  moral of the story is that “a ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”.  You have to get out there; meet new people and try new things.  Have as many day #1’s as you need, who’s counting?!.  Make a change and start a domino effect in your own life, cheers, and Happy Monday!

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