Happy Mother’s Day Kath!

I’ve been trying to find the time to start this blog then, about three days ago my Direct TV satellite started searching for a signal.  Naturally Direct TV has no service appointments available until Wednesday,  sooooo viola!  My first blog post dedicated to none other than my fabulous mama, Kathy McGuire.

It’s sad to say but I start my day the same way many of others do; by scrolling through Facebook and Instagram catching up on everyone else’s lives before my feet even touch the floor (so typical of my generation).  But this morning to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed my morning scroll. Seeing everyone’s shout outs to their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, nieces and girlfriends warmed my heart.

When I was in Mexico in February (#bestlifeever) I finished reading Glitter and Glue, a memoir by Kelly Corrigan. To be honest I really only purchased it because I read her first book so I knew she had ties to Baltimore and Maryland lacrosse which for some reason makes her familiar to me (it also came up on my morning scroll as a post on Instagram).  I didn’t do my homework before I hit the purchase button on my kindle because the title was calling my name and it was such a great surprise!  Not that I didn’t think it would be good, of course it would be, it was just an unexpected story and I couldn’t stop reading.  The title Glitter and Glue came from Kelly’s mother; she said that her mom used to tell her that her dad was the glitter and she was the glue.

For myself, my mom was the glitter and the glue in our family.  She held together not only our family but she is also the center of most every family tradition and memory I have.  My mom was the kind of mom that made homemade play-doh during snow storms and scraped change out of the floors of our van so I could by a bigger super soaker than my cousin from Roses.  She drove to every store in the state of Maryland that sold Simple shoes when I was in 6th grade because I couldn’t have the same style as anyone else.  She sold baked goods out of the back of her van with the other lacrosse moms so we could get new uniforms.  Let’s face it, I could go on and on about all of the selfless acts that my mom did for me while I was growing up.  My mom encourages me, loves me, inspires me, and created me. So today on Mother’s Day I’m toasting to you Kath.  Thanks for being the glitter and the glue to our family and for giving Katie and I such an amazing childhood and foundation on which to grow our lives.  Love ya!


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